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Unless otherwise indicated, Cherishables mainly uses 100% cotton fabrics. Cold water wash & rinse. Color catcher recommended -- at least for the first few washings. Gentle cycle is also recommended. Dry on low heat. A light press may be needed - especially for headbands.

My items have not been treated with Scotch Guard. You may find application of this type of product useful especially on purses.

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The best part of sewing. Buying fabric!

When you're looking for a custom order, it all starts with fabric. Depending on your item, you may need to choose 1, 2, or more fabrics to customize your creation.

Cherishables + Sew Geeky NJ have over 300 fabrics in our stash. Almost any item can be made with almost any fabric. Click below to view fabrics by color or theme. Then contact Cherish to arrange for a custom order.

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