Sew Geeky NJ offers a variety of items in all kinds of fabrics. Look through the pictures below to see examples of all the items I make. 

  • headbands                                    $11
  • keyfobs                                         $6
  • earbud/coin case                        $9
  • wristlets                                     starting at $19
  • convertible crossbody bags      starting at $48
  • purses                                           starting at $48
  • totes                                             starting at $65
  • almost anything else you like

How to purchase:

Look through my Fabrics page and find your favorite and contact me to start the process. We'll email to discuss price, any special requests or customization, and tur-around time. Most items finished in just a few days. I will then make up your item and email you with pictures of the completed project and invoice you for the price of the item and shipping via PayPal. 

A number of items are also in-stock at Sew Geeky NJ. Click on the link above or the pictures below to visit my Etsy shop.

Don't let the name fool you. Sew Geeky NJ is the home to all manner of prints -- not just the "geeky" and "nerdy" prints such as: Star Wars, superheros, Harry Potter, science, math, skulls, and video games. You'll also find geometrics, florals, and animal prints.

You want it, I'll do my best to find it!

Handcrafted Quality